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Author Robert Fritchey
Author Robert Fritchey

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     South Louisiana’s coastal fishermen had been netting redfish for the markets and restaurants in New Orleans for well over a century when some of the nation’s wealthiest sportsmen began to regard this publicly owned resource as their own. As they pressured the state’s government to deny traditional fishermen and seafood consumers access to wild-caught red drum, the covetous sportsmen cynically portrayed the rural netters as “greedy,” and themselves as “conservationists.”
     Frustrated with the media’s coverage of this challenging issue, commercial fisherman Robert Fritchey wrote WETLAND RIDERS to help save his own industry. With his personal profiles of several colorful old-timers, Mr. Fritchey introduces the reader to our family fishermen. And, supported by data provided by unbiased fishery scientists and economists, he affirms that the long-term welfare of the redfish and other wetland-dependent finfish lies in continuing to share these publicly owned resources with the public.
     WETLAND RIDERS is an uncompromising book that exposes the origin and early successes of a movement that threatens America’s seafood industry. Originally written as an educational tool to help get the Louisiana red drum back into markets and restaurants, the book gained national attention during the mid-1990s as recreational fishing interests in nearly a dozen states campaigned to grab millions of pounds of publicly owned seafood species from the public.
     Of obvious interest to commercial fishermen, WETLAND RIDERS is also a unique resource for readers with an interest in the culture, environment and economy of our coasts, the seafood industry, consumer advocacy, political and environmental journalism, and rural conservation.
     WETLAND RIDERS is generously illustrated with photographs and line drawings. For a chapter-by-chapter synopsis of this groundbreaking book, with brief excerpts, see below.

WETLAND RIDERS, 401 pp., ISBN 0-9636215-0-5. WETLAND RIDERS is available at and other booksellers. The book may also be ordered directly from New Moon Press for $14.95 plus $3.00 S&H. (Checks and money orders only.) Quantity discounts are available for educational purposes. Click here to fill out the contact form and inquire about ordering.



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